The Ocean Sound

Don't be fooled by the words of the sea

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At some point down the road I realized that 90% of my current favourite artists are Australian. An acquaintance who happens to be from Australia proclaimed she didn’t know a single good band from her country, so I furiously put this list together because ummMMM yeah there are tons of great artists from Australia?????

The Down Under Discothequé - Click to listen

The Ocean Sound - Summer Mix 2014

This is a collection of hot summery tracks to set the mood as you chill by the pool, beer in hand, looking fabulous because you’re all such beautiful people, soaking up the rays during these last few weeks of summer.

Wish I could’ve posted this sooner, but it took me a while to get this one just right.

I’ve been making playlists lately. I fell off tumblr, not just here but all together, but I’ve put together some compilations hopefully some of you will enjoy.

★ SECRET THINGS ★ is a 1980’s inspired Synth Jam mixtape following sounds similar to Daft Punk, Justice, and Chromeo.

Stream Cut Copy's Irrepressible New Album 'Free Your Mind'

Well, here is a thing to feast your ears on this morning

Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite by future classic on SoundCloud

And a happy fucking Friday to you, too!

All The Way Thru by JD Samson & MEN on SoundCloud

I keep forgetting I can do this from my tablet!

Here’s a fun midweek jam, its mellow and a bit funky :)

I’m not sure how this slipped through my fingers, but I am a big fan of Diamond Cut’s remixes and somehow missed this one completely.

His style had changed considerably, and this is from last year, so it’d be really interesting to hear what progressions he’s made since then.

I can only hope his increasing seclusion over the last few years has been to work on an album so he’s put off making remixes, because he truly is the best at what he does.

The new Penguin Prison remix is awesome!! Free download, bros (that’s the best kind)

Little Boots is here to brighten up your day!

Foals - Bad Habit (Alex Metric Remix) by alexmetric on SoundCloud

Well, damn.